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1. Intellectual property rights

The Hodaia name and logo are registered trademarks of Hodaia Cosmetice SRL, registered in the European Union. All materials included in this site are the intellectual property of HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. or its partners. These materials may not be copied or reproduced, except for the period for which they need to be viewed online. However, the full pages of the site may be printed if they are intended to be used for strictly personal purposes.

You may not use any trademark, logo, content or other proprietary information (including images found on this site, the content of any text or the appearance / design of any page or form contained on a page) without our written and express consent. Any breach of these Terms will result in the immediate revocation of the license granted in this paragraph, without notice. You are granted a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the main page of this Site, as long as the link does not represent our products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise offensive matter. This limited right may be revoked at any time. You may not use any of our logos or other graphics or proprietary trademarks as part of the link without your express written permission.

Without prejudice to the general applicability of the foregoing, HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. may occasionally give you the opportunity to download posters, guides, or other utilities from the Site. These downloaded materials fall under the terms of the Download Terms and Conditions of HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L.

2. Protection and confidentiality of personal data

HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. will process the data provided by you with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with the laws in force. Your data will be used to improve our products and services so that we meet the needs of our customers and to provide you with news about the products and services we offer. The information may be used only by HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. and by its subsidiaries, agencies and dealers and will not be sold to anyone. Depending on the data you provide, you will be contacted by phone, mail or e-mail.

In accordance with Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, you have the following rights regarding the collection and processing of personal data: the right to intervene on data (art. 14), the right to information art.12), access to data (art.13), opposition (art.15), to address justice (art.18).

In some cases, we may collect non-personal information about you. Examples of such information are: the type of browser used, the operating system of the computer used and the domain name of the website from which the connection to our site was made or as a result of our advertising.

While viewing our site, we may store certain information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a "Cookie" or a similar file, which will aid site functionality. For example, "Cookies" help us build a website that best meets your interests and preferences. With most internet browsers you can delete or block "Cookie" files, or you can receive a warning before receiving such a file. Please consult the special section on the website related to our Cookies Policy.

3. Accuracy of information

The information contained on this site is for informational purposes, is addressed to customers of HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. and does not apply to other jurisdictions. HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. does not assume responsibility for their accuracy but will do everything possible to ensure that the data contained in this site is as accurate and current as possible. HODAIA COSMETICE S.R.L. reserves the right to modify the specifications of the products or services described on this site at any time, without prior notice.

4. Contractual documents

By registering an order on the site or by sending a telephone order or by email, the Buyer agrees to the form of communication - telephone, online or email - through which the Seller carries out its commercial operations. The acceptance of the order by the Seller is considered completed when there is an electronic confirmation (email) or verbal (telephone) confirmation from the Seller to the Buyer, without requiring an acknowledgment of receipt from him/her. The invoice issued by the Seller constitutes a sale-purchase contract according to the legislation in force. The sale-purchase contract is considered concluded between the Seller and the Buyer when the order is paid in full and received by the Buyer.

5. Liability

The seller reserves the right to cancel any order containing products displayed on the site with incorrect prices or information caused by technical errors. The Seller will also remedy any technical errors that appear on the site regarding the display of the products.

The seller reserves the right to change the price of the products displayed on this site at any time without notice.

6. Use of products

Although the Seller provides the Buyer with as much information as possible about the products displayed on this site, it cannot fully guarantee the completeness of this information. The Buyer is responsible for understanding the correct use and all precautions regarding soaps and natural cosmetics displayed on this site.

The properties, indications and use of the products presented on this site are based on the literature. They are provided for informational purposes, do not constitute medical information in any way and do not engage our responsibility. Please consult a specialist before using any Hodaia natural cosmetics for therapeutic purposes.

The Buyer agrees to verify the integrity of products purchased upon receipt of said products, and will communicate to the Seller any irregularities detected.

Cosmetics manufactured and delivered by us under the name "Hodaia" are dedicated exclusively to external use.


We recommend performing an allergy test before using any product sold on

Recommended storage conditions:

• Soaps should be stored, after each use, in a well-drained soap dish.

• Creams and conditioners should be stored in dry places, protected from sunlight, well ventilated and at a temperature between 7 and 22 degrees Celsius.

• Shaving oil and shaving oil should be stored in dry places, protected from sunlight, well ventilated and at a temperature between 7 and 22 degrees Celsius.

7. Using the online store

By ordering products from the website, the user (Customer) agrees to receive notifications from HODAIA COSMETICE SRL. The user can withdraw his consent at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions ("unsubscribe") from each e-mail or by sending a written request to the e-mail address

The chosen products as well as their quantity will be defined by the customer and will be found in the Shopping Cart, from where he can place the order. An order, once shipped, represents a firm commitment to purchase the respective products, as well as the fact that you have accepted the terms and conditions specified in this chapter as well as in the product order / delivery sections.

8. The Store’s Obligations

• Shipment of any valid order of a customer by the supplier in the shortest time, respectively in the terms provided in the section "Delivery".

• Orders received on public holidays will be shipped on the first working day. A valid order is considered to be one that has all the information required by the form filled in correctly.

• The store will offer the buyer the opportunity to view the final value of the products and related shipping charges before completing the transaction. The displayed prices are expressed in RON or EURO. The customer can make changes in terms of quantity, delivery address and has the opportunity to return to previous options in a timely manner before processing the order by the Seller.

• The store undertakes not to make public the personal data of customers or transactions made. Personal data will only be used for the purpose stated in the previous sections.

• The order received from the customer is considered a contract and is subject to the provisions of the law on the legal regime of distance contracts.

• Takes over and communicates to those authorized to resolve any request from customers, in the shortest time.

9. Disclaimer

Taking into account the legal regulations in force, the store has no responsibility for:

• Ambiguous statements, mispronunciation, incorrect prices, etc.

• Differences between the image of a product in the store, as it appears on your monitor, and the products received, differences that relate to color, hue, etc.

• Any mismatch between the purpose for which a product was purchased and its functionality.

• Availability in stock of the displayed products, these being sold within the stock limit or through special orders. For this reason, the store may not be able to fulfill a specific order if the requested product is no longer in stock and has not been expressly requested by a special order.

• Erroneous information provided by the buyer. The supplier has the right to verify any order by phone, asking the buyer to confirm personal data or related to the order.

• Defects, damages or accidents due to the proper or improper use of the products purchased from this store.

• Delivery delays due to the supplier, courier / post office or other reasons

• Damage, destruction, loss occurred during transport to the consignee, which falls on the carrier.

• The store reserves the right to refuse the execution of certain orders, without motivating this choice.

• Inconveniences created by the interruption of access to the store due to the internet service provider (ISP)

• The content or nature of the sites through which a customer reaches the store.

10. Delivery and Return

After placing the order, your package will be picked up by the Courier, depending on your choice (orders placed after 14.00 on Friday and those on the weekend are processed on Monday). Orders are taken by the Courier within 3-7 working days of the registration of the order or from the date of payment confirmation, if you have opted for payment by bank transfer. The shipping cost for each order depends on your choice.

According to the legislation in force: The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 days from the receipt of the product or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract. Products must be returned in the condition in which they were received and the original packaging. We cannot receive and refund products that have already been used. The payment for the return of the products rests with the customer, and will return to the customer the value of the returned products, after finding that they are in the condition in which they were shipped. Please access and follow the instructions in our Return Policy.

11. Fraud

Any attempt to access personal data belonging to another user, to modify the content of the site, or to affect the performance of the server running the site will be considered an attempt of fraud and criminal investigation will be initiated against those who have tried this.

12. Litigation

This site has been created and operates in accordance with the laws in force in Romania. For the settlement of any disputes regarding this site, the laws and tribunals of Romania will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Attempts will be made to resolve amicably any conflicts between the parties involved. If this is not possible, the legal provisions and their resolution by the Romanian courts will be applied.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data or you wish to exercise your legal rights in relation to the data we hold or if you have concerns about how we treat any privacy issues, you can write to us via the contact form from the site, or at the email address

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